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Now within the last week of the NES/FAMICOM Book Kickstarter which has received huge interest and backing the world over, we took time out with Sam Dyer of Bitmap Books to find out more about the book which has reached a whole number of stretch goals. We'll also ask Sam what is in store for the book and what to expect in the last week on Kickstarter.


GamesYouLoved: Why focus on the NES for this first console book from Bitmap Books?

Sam: Apart from a short trip into the 16-bit computers with the Commodore Amiga, I’ve tried to start with the 8-bit systems for the visual compendium series of books. I will then naturally progress onto the 16-bits, then 32, 64 and so on… I personally love chunky 8-bit graphics as you really see the craft that went into creating them.

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With such technical limitations, some wonderfully jaw-dropping art was created. Now I’ve covered the home computers of the C64 and ZX Spectrum, the NES felt like the right way to go next. It’s graphics were very C64-like but just with more colours and the sheer number of classic games released for it will make for a great book. I also liked the idea of covering the Famicom - it’s Japanese counterpart because of it’s fun-factor and wacky games!

GamesYouLoved: How do you think the Kickstarter has gone for you with just a week to go?

Sam: Amazing! As always, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone that has backed the Kickstarter. We are currently nearly at 150K which means it’s the most funded gaming book ever on Kickstarter which is an achievement that I’m proud of.

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GamesYouLoved: What was it like focusing on a console this time as opposed to a micro computer?

Sam: It’s going to be a huge challenge as the lion's hare of games were made in Japan and access to the developers will be near impossible. One exciting aspect of the consoles is that they tend to have bigger fanbases therefore making the potential audience for the book bigger. Also, the USA is somewhere I’m looking to get more into and the consoles will enable me to get more exposure across the pond.

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GamesYouLoved:What has the community response been like to the NES book?

Sam: Better than I could have imagined!

Everyone on the Kickstarter seems really excited by the book and I’ve been getting loads of emails offering advice, support and just to say thanks for doing such a book. The NES clearly had a big effect on a lot of people back in the day.

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GamesYouLoved:With so many international fans out there -  what can they expect from a book dedicated to a console that won the hearts of many the world over?

Sam: I will do my upmost to include games from the PAL, NTSC and Japanese regions. Hopefully, therefore spreading the appeal. The end book will be nearly 500 pages and be seriously pimped up with metallic inks, bookmark ribbons and gatefold pages. My dream is that this has pride of place on the coffee table or on a shelf next to their prized NES games and console.

GamesYouLoved:Tell us your top 3 NES games and why from a design / art point of view

Sam: The three games that I think push the NES graphically and have outstanding presentation are Super Mario, Battletoads and Batman. All have gorgeous graphics, original gameplay and are technically advanced.

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GamesYouLoved:Tell us your top 3 NES games you just love to kick back and play?

Sam: I don’t get much time nowadays so I like the more ‘pick up and play games’. The NES games I always turn to are Kung Fu, Duck Hunt and Punch Out!!

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GamesYouLoved:Do you think after thesuccess of this console book you'll be doing more console related books?

Sam: Absolutely. In the series of visual compendium books, I’d like to cover the SNES, Mega Drive, Master System, PlayStation etc...

If people keep wanting the books I’m making, I’ll keep going…!

Thanks to Sam for this interview.


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