Metal Gear Solid - A dedication to the art & games


We have admired the Art of Gaming over the years, but we have never seen an artist purely dedicated to one main gaming character...until now

We spoke to artist Kim Heoh and discovered more about his love of Metal Gear Solid - the art he creates and the many games he owns from the series.

Metal Gear Solid Art

GYL. How long have you been playing Metal Gear Solid Games?

Kim. I've been playing mgs since the NES Metal Gear game came out.

Metal Gear Solid Art 1

GYL. What games do you still own from from the series?

Kim. I have a TON of MGS games (see pic below)

Metal Gear Solid Art 7

So that's Metal Gear on NES, Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Metal Gear Solid V GZ, VR missions, Acid, Acid2, Peacewalker, Metal Gear Rising, Portable ops, Portable ops plus

Metal Gear Solid Art 3

GYL. What consoles do you own past and present?

Kim . I own a NES, a Game Cube, a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBOX, Game Boy, GBA, PSP, and i think thats it...

GYL. Who/ What inspired you to draw?

Kim. I was inspired when i was a kid by Gundam and Transformers box art mostly, that turned into comic and manga art (Jim Lee, Art Adams, Simon Bisley, Masamune Shirow, Richard Corben, R. Crumb, Frazetta) there are so many people I've been inspired or influenced by

Metal Gear Solid Art 4

GYL. How long has the longest piece taken to draw?

Kim. Hmmm there's been pieces i gave up on and years later i found again and finished so it's hard to say. Longest was probably about 5 years...I'm not sure 

Metal Gear Solid Art 5

Q. Why do you love MGS?  

Kim . I love Metal Gear Solid because its' not just a mindless shooter. It's sort of an anti-action game where stealth and no kills is the focus so i really like that aspect. Metal Gear Solid  has the best roster of characters and they are all visually really cool and original. Also its an anti-war game with a message of peace so whats not to like?

Metal Gear Solid Art 6

GYL.  Do you ever draw any other characters?

Kim. Yes I've drawn the Metal Slug tank, Blaster Master, Doom, Street Fighter characters, Mario and more I can't recall.

Metal Gear Solid Art 9

I love games and I love reimagining characters in my drawing style so im pretty open to draw anyone from any game

Metal Gear Solid Art 8

LINKS & INFO on Kim & more of his artwork:

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