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We came across Rad Zach recently on YouTube with his quirky and cool 90s style VHS video reviews. With a whole mix of different videos on his channel, he is well worth checking out here:

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We asked Rad Zach why he loves retro games...

"Why do I love retro games?

Everyone remembers what it was like as a kid playing Nintendo while sitting on the floor at your parent's house.


Everyone also remembers what it was like being a kid depending on someone else to drive you places, buy you games, or feed you.

VIDEO - Super Mario Bros 2 Review: 

That's why I love playing and collecting old games now...I get to feel like I'm a kid, while still being an one can tell me that I don't need 12 controllers when I only have one console, or that I don't need the box when I already have the game...


I want the controllers and I want the box, that's why I'm buying them!

Channel info:


My review channel is basically about defending older games. I see a lot of reviews that judge these games based on today's standards, which is totally unfair. I want people to watch my videos and remember what it was like to play the games back when they first came out.


If I can remind even one person of how it used to be then I feel like I've accomplished what I set out to do.


I also hope to make some people laugh along the way! As long as the viewer is entertained in some way, then I'm happy. Rad Zach


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