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Mad Dog McCree on the Philips CDI It’s been a while but due to popular demand and virtually begging by the GYL team your favourite reviewers Hedger and Preece (the Press Start to Join team) are back with some classic wild west action.

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The year was 1990 and the CD had not decided how it was going to deliver your gaming experience but the team at Philips did a grand  job by delivering a great rendition of Mad Dog into your homes. We familiarised ourselves with the remote control. A console with a remote?? What is this wizardry before us?. A multimedia experience in your home, great thinking Philips but 20 years too early. We could be wrong but can’t recall another system that had one???

Trailer - CDI:

Slowly we fired up the CDi and she burst into life, her digital circuits showing no signs of the years she had been hibernating, we were met with the dramatic cowboy music and a horse neighing as the bandit Mad Dog did all that gun shooting and yee haring stuff.

Mad Dog Mcree Cdi 3

Then our first challenge – Where does the gun sensor need to go? Top of Tv? Bottom? Why does it keep falling off……………….and so on. 

Mad Dog Mcree CD1 1

Eventually we have our first choice – Aim at the Bullseye and Shoot!!! With no real idea of the effectiveness of these actions we do this several times, pull up our holsters and get ready to go in to action 1990 suddenly became 2016 and a strange old man appeared on our TV screen (looking very similar to one you may have seen in an arcade near you all that time ago).  

Mad Dog Mcree Cdi 4 

26 years later and that old man has not aged a bit and he still needs your help, and to be quite honest we also needed a lot of help as the calibration on our gun was shocking!!! None the less we were armed with our trusty peacekeeper electronic light pistol, powered by Airmouse technology and first we had to navigate a menu which would ultimately lead us to the notorious outlaw Mad Dog Mcree.

The sounds of the wild west played on and we got ourselves ready to select from four options:



Sheriffs Office  


In the space of an hour we tried them all, tried them again and tried them again. We blamed the gun? We blamed ourselves? We blamed calibration? We even blamed the position of the moon that night.

So reading between the lines you may get the message that we had a tough time that night in the old west. There were guys on rooftops, bandits in bars, outlaws capturing damsels, each and every one of them was picking us off with ease. Time and time again we were met by the doom faced guy on screen telling us we took a bad hit but we survived and we could go back for more.

Mad Dog Mcree Cdi 5

We promise to keep you all posted on our progress but we are not hopeful that our rootin’ tootin’ sharpshooting skills are cut out for the wild west… 

Where did we put that copy of Modern Warfare 2?

For us the ratings for the game are:

Sound 10 – CD quality cowboy tunes, what could be better?

Graphics 10 – Doesn’t get much better than video

Playability 6 – We were a shambles

Overall 8 – Even if just for the memories Lastly in a shameless play for attention.

Mad Dog Mcree Cdi 6

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Reviewed by Dean Hedger and Jon Preece 

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 Mad Dog Mcree Cdi 7

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