The Amiga Years! First Impressions NO SPOILERS!


So what can we say about The Amiga Years! Well not too much at this stage as having just watched this immediately on launch we don't to spoil the details of the movie for you. What we can do (with no spoilers) is tell you why you can't miss this film if you love the Amiga - but also love video games history.

The film is a very wide look and a very detailed look at the world of building and developing hardware and the games that surrounded them.

Video view here:

We won't say where the film starts - but from the very beginning we were amazed of the way the movie that surprised us (in a good way)and  how the filmaker took us through a journey from the early days.

Amiga Years 2

This is also an international movie and it is a true one delivered with a mix of different techniques in editing and camera work. We all know how it ended with Amiga - what we really don't know is how and why in detail?

Listen and watch:

A whole bunch of information is a black hole with the Amiga - and this fills it.

The innovations, the dreams and the amazing results that were achieved. This was technology yes - but this was a piece of tech and engineering that opened our world to amazing possibilities. And the inspirational people that were part of the Amiga are included and also those who either influenced it (Apple, Atari, Magavox) all told alongside what else technologically was going on at the time.

Amiga Years 3

The personal stories from those who were there are in this Amiga super documentary - guys from all over the world come together to narrate the real history of how the Amiga came about and how it developed - to the story of now.

Games and more Games are in there too. Again we won't tell you which ones but the greats and famous titles are there as well as the more unknown and obscure. The music, the demo scene - it's all there and more

Amiga Years 4

For now - just enjoy the trailer below and dim the lights and watch the real thing - take yourself back and back and the memories will start flooding back.


Watch the main trailer:


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