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Bad Influence! - The ITV video game and technology show started in 1992 and ran for four series. In our guide we look at some reasons why you may remember watching this show back then…..

Article by Heather Lewis - @HeatherLewis85

Andy And Violet

Andy and Violet - pictured above

Andy Crane…. The Children’s BBC presenter was a ‘first crush’ for some viewers. That said, even his most ardent fans found his ‘shirt and jeans’ combos questionable on Bad Influence! Andy is forgiven though because of his excellent way of presenting and communicating to the viewer.

Violet Berlin…. With shorter (and cooler) hair than Andy, Violet presented Bad Influence with passion and enthusiasm for video gaming. In the final series she reported from places like the USA and Japan, giving us Brits a first glimpse at the latest tech, including the Nintendo (ultra) 64!

Bad Influence 1

Nam Rood (pictured above)…. Living in a shed, later the Bad Influence basement, Nam enjoyed yelling out the cheat codes for games. Nam’s moved to Emmerdale and is no longer walking around with bits of cardboard stuck to his forehead.

Bad Influence Intro

Gamesmaster wasn’t on…. Between Bad Influence and Channel 4’s alternative gaming programme, you probably had a favourite… but as they were broadcast at different times you could watch and enjoy both!

Bad Influnce - Series 1 - Episode 1:

You were waiting for TV Quiz ‘Blockbusters’ to come on…. Broadcast in Children’s ITV, Bad Influence covered more than just video gaming and looked at new technology. Its diverse features included archaeology, rollercoasters, even ballet, and the high (for a CITV show) viewing figures reflected its broader audience appeal.

You’d had your first console for Christmas…. Some argued that the cheat codes were well known, but not for your typical 7 year old CITV viewer. Violet and Andy gave instruction and advice in games, hardware, even piracy in a refreshing way that didn’t talk down to its young audience.

Violet Berlin Bad Influence

Your mates were on it…. If you lived near Leeds, during filming! The studio was a bit like a gaming youth club, filled with local kids wandering around and playing on consoles. Groups of boys and girls gave their honest reviews and scores to the newest games.

And finally…. The name ‘Bad Influence’ hinted at danger and the opening titles and music sounded robotically cool. If you never watched for any of the above reasons, Bad Influence is worth watching now, for a look back at tech, 1990’s style!  

Article by Heather Lewis - @HeatherLewis85

Bad Influence Crane

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