Could VR bring back the arcade scene?


Could Virtual Reality arcades be coming to a city near you and bringing back the old scene into a new world?

With the recent rise of VR coming back from the Oculus rift developers, to now HTC and Sony with their popular headset and system, it could now be time for the arcades to rise again in a new form.

We very much doubt if we will have to be pumping in £1 coins into slots , we think advance bookings over apps or standard contactless payments as you play may be more like it. But the word on the street is that we may soon be visiting arcades once again.

Of course right now leading the pack with the new craze is our gaming buddies over in the far east! Already these guys have VR arcades where you can go and play numerous games from standing up shooters, VR driving and more.

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VR has never really left the commercial bigboys with Walt Disney having success with their Disney Quest indoor theme park project. It Opened in 1997, and run for over 19 years, the famous Aladdins Magic Carpet Ride proving one of the longest running VR attractions, and underpinning the opportunity of VR in the attractions and amusement approach. We even know that Capcom are currently developing a new VR arcade game ( see poster below) !

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So do you think VR arcades are the future?  Could we see the likes of Sega and Namco bringing us some awesome games to our shores using VR cabs or headsets?

What Retro games would you like to see converted to VR, maybe a Streets of Rage, Daytona or a Afterburner!  

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