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Gamers on Twitter are rallying together to help a child with her Cancer treatment. 8 year old Amelia is hoping with your help to have life-saving treatment from Cancer outside of the UK.

Pledge here:

Article by @CheekyCrissy

When I first heard about the campaign, it tugged at me at a deep, personal level, because there is nothing I feel more passionate about, than children with serious, or chronic illnesses.

Amelia Russell is an 8 year old girl, from Salisbury, United Kingdom, suffering from Neuroendocrine Carcinoma in her bones. (Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, is a rare tumor that is most commonly found in adults over 40.)

Her family are currently trying to raise £152,000 to fund life saving treatment outside of the UK, through

Info on how to enter the GamersUnite competition:

With your help, she CAN receive that treatment.

I feel very strongly about this campaign & I’m very proud to have joined forces with #GamersUnite, who are heading a #HelpAmelia Campaign through Twitter

#GamersUnite are running a prize draw of which you can win some fantastic Retro-gaming Goodies.

But hurry, as there isn’t much time.

The Campaign will end in less than 13 days.

So far has managed to raise £14,705
With your help, we can raise more!

You can be in with a chance of winning by donating £10 or more at the link below and putting either your Twitter name or Facebook profile link in the notes with #GamersUnite (in case you win).

GO to the YouTube video to do this in the comments >

Also, please share both the video (above) - as this link and the fundraising page  to help raise awareness and gather more donations.

Together we are strong, together we are

Good luck everyone. GamersUnite have over 40 gaming items including an Xbox and Playstation gift card. Upon donating £10+ you will be allocated a number that will be used to draw the winner by selecting the winning number over at

By donating over £30, you will also unlock and be entered into a draw for a brand new CIB Amstrad GX4000 from 1990 complete with 1 controller and 1 game (Burning Rubber) donated by @computermuseum who described it as 'minty fresh'.

Yes you read that right, a 1990 console boxed NEW. The £30 prize-draw will be selected first and you will win 'all the prizes shown' as well.

I myself, am donating an original (WHITE) PSP, with ‘Capcom Classics Remixed’ Game included for one lucky winner!

In the event NOBODY donates £30 via this competition, this separate item (Brand new CIB Amstrad GX4000) will be auctioned off on and all funds will go towards the total collected.

If we get 50 donations with #GamersUnite the winner will also receive an extremely rare Lara Croft Tombraider PS1 game signed by all the main Eidos dev's and Natalie Cook one of the original models.


Please note, as all the prizes are from the UK, only UK residents will be sent this prize. Please do not let this stop you helping a little girl with cancer.

The full list of prizes is growing and being updated daily so be sure not to miss out.

Bonus £30 donation entry

Amstrad GX-4000 (NEW CIB with 1 game ‘Burning Rubber’)

£10 Entry (Minimum)

1. Hand-Built LTD Edition 1st Production Run Sinclair Vega+ Handheld Console
2. Classic Anniversary HDMI Mini-NES with 30 games
3. Xbox £25 Gift Voucher
4. Playstation £30 Gift Card
5. NTSC (J) Mega-Drive System
6. PAL Dreamcast System
7. PAL Nintendo 64 System (boxed)
8. Gameboy Colour (boxed no instructions)
9. Gameboy Advance (CIB) 
10. Gameboy Advance SP (CIB) 
11. Pokemon blue cart (Gameboy)
12. ZELDA 2 gold cartridge CIB (NES PAL)
13. Final fantasy 9 (PS1 CIB PAL)
14. Shenmue Game CIB (Dreamcast) 
15. Top Gear Overdrive (N64 cart only)
16. Fighters Destiny (N64 cart only)
17. Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (N64 Cart only)
18. Asterix - Obelix (Gameboy Color Cart only)
19. Wave Race (Gameboy Original Cart only)
20. Rush n Attack (NES Cart only)
21. Hook (Gameboy Cart only)
22. Sonic Adventure (DC)
23. ChuChu Racer (DC)
24. Toy Racer (DC)
25. Pokemon Yellow (Gameboy Cart only)
26, Mariokart Double Dash (GC CIB)
27. Crash TwinSanity (PS2 Platinum CIB)
28. Crash Nitro-Kart (PS2 Platinum CIB)
29. Mario & Yoshi (Gameboy CIB)
30. SuperMarioLand (Gameboy CIB)
31. White PSP with Capcom Classics remixed game
32. Death Note "L" Messenger Bag/Satchel
33. Joe Cartoon Greatest Hits 1&2 with posters

Example of how to enter:
Donate £10 or more (don't be shy) and in the notes add

@yournamehere #GamersUnite
or 'link to your profile on FaceBook' #GamersUnite

Terms and Conditions

1. Prizes will only be sent out within the UK (UK entrants) or you can collect from Manchester UK if elsewhere

2. A minimum of 40 entrants is required, otherwise all products will be auctioned individually or as a whole and donated as a cash sum direct to the fundraising event. It is your duty as an entrant to help share this giveaway and also beneficial to reach the appropriate donation amount this giveaway is designed for.

3. You must be age appropriate to be considered for all the games in this bundle. If you are not age appropriate, we will only deliver the age appropriate games. It is your responsibility to let us know if you are under the age of 18. Anyone with-holding this information that conflicts with these terms may lose the prize in full and another winner may be drawn at the organiser's discretion.

5. We are allowing 'organisers and friends' to join the £30 giveaway only for the Amstrad GX-400, however it is against the rules to enter the entire draw. In the event an 'organiser' wins the £30 draw, all other items will be re-drawn as a seperate entity from draw 1.

6. All Q&A may be sent in email form to Please do not do this in comments, as this may distract focus away from the giveaway. We cannot guarantee that other channels will be monitored other than on Twitter via @Gamin_Guys username.

7. There is no refundable cash value for the winner, you will receive the items or nothing whatsoever. Do with them as you will.

8. By entering this draw, you accept that the 'organisers' have no legal duty to deliver the proposed item's in 'mint' condition. Due to postage being out of our control, any item's won shall be sent as described, however, we cannot guarantee that they will be received in the condition sent.

We are grateful for anything you can give to help this little girl live a full & happy life!


Article by - The ‘Cheekster’ (On behalf of ‘GamersUnite’)

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