3 Awesome movies that are getting a reboot!


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So right now all Hollwood seems to be doing is remaking old movies.  But why do you ask.  Its really because it cannot come up with any new ideas for motion pictures and it makes sense to bung in a new superstar into a popular script and put bums on seats.

But as we know us of the 80's generation are bored and angry of seeing some of our favourite movies getting trashed by the studios and cringe everytime a new reboot is mentioned in the press.  So just to save you any further pain and suffering here are three favourite movies from the 80s you probably didn't know (are gonna be ruined) and are getting rebooted.


Drop Dead Fred

 Drop Dead Fred

It might not have been a box office hit (just $13 million) but it became a bit of a cult hit for many 80s kids. So much so that a new version is being planned, with Russell Brand set to star. 

Cringe rating 7/10

Bill And Ted S Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted are being rebooted. As two high schoolers who meet figures like Gandhi and form a band called Atomic Gorillas. Oh and one of them might be played by Justin Bieber. Man, this is really starting to get depressing!

Cringe Rating 9/10


 War Games

The Matthew Broderick tech-thriller, well as tech as it could be in 1983, is being updated by Horrible Bosses/The King of Kong director Seth Gordon for MGM.

Apparently it's being given a complete overhaul, no real surprise given the time difference, and is being scripted by Noah Oppenheim, who mainly has experience with non-fiction TV.

Cringe Rating 10/10

So there you have it, we know there is gonna be more in the future and we will weep into the night with you guys. But be strong a just watch the original movies and be thankful we came from an era that could actually produce original movies.

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