Top 3 Retro Beat Em' Ups!


So everyone loves a classic beat em' up.  The storylines are easy to follow, there is usually a simple player select screen and you get to fight through some crime filled city until you reach the big bad boss!

There has been beat em' ups over the years scrolling left to right for levels on end, and to be honest we never get bored as they are easy to pick up and play, you only need the control pad and punch, kick and jump! But thats not all, you can team up in two player action and taking a swipe at a bad guy with a metal pipe or trash can has always been a great feeling. 

Now we know there are alot of these types of games, and we know you may not agree with our top 3. But hey that is why we are here to share our love and nostalgia for the games of the past!

So here we go ....

1. Streets of Rage 


What a game this was, and as a one player it was great to play, but as a 2 player style it was the best to play. Either for 5 minutes or full on to the end 8th level. This was the time to have fun and become the best fighter of the Streets of Rage. We have to say that this 16-bit Megadrive Hall of Famer grabbed us by the nuts with the amazing soundtrack even before we started to play. But once we did, we couldnt stop using Axl's left and right jab and needlessly giving the bad guys a knee (or several ) to the crotch!

2. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

IMG 9507

Capcom unleashed the machine in 1993 and featured the option of solo or up to 3 player co-op gameplay, choosing from four characters; Jack (balanced type), Hanna (skill type), Mustapha (speed type), and Mess (power type). 

The story, if it matters at all, involves a gang of shady dinosaur hunters agitating the wildlife in the nearby jungle and provoking them into attacking the inhabitants of the neighbouring city. The playable characters are attempting to bring their unique style of diplomacy to mediate the situation. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs takes a popular and proven concept of already macho gameplay and gives it a huge injection of testosterone. The cabinet didn't plug into the mains for its power, it required red meat and bourbon to be shovelled into it.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael were our heroes here.  These guys ruled the late 80's and early 90's from the cartoons, comics, toys and merchandise and they lived and breathed hard in the arcades as well as the home computer and 80's consoles of the day.  But this was all about the arcade and multiplayer gaming fun where COWABUNGA really meant and did something for your health. You were armed...a bit silly but seriously dangerous and especially when fighting with your crew of fellow turtles who just happened to be Ninjas!

Ok guys, thats it, Our Top 3 beat em' ups of yesterday!  If you wanna tell us your favourites just hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or maybe send us a vlog to share on YouTube.

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