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Following a recent guest  video on her 5 retro games she still owns, Lozzykinz tell us why she REALLY loves retro games...

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I’m still in process of expanding my retro collection and have recently purchased a ps1 and a Sega Dreamcast. 

I have been playing video games since about the age of 4. My first game I remember playing was one of the Sesame Street games for the Atari 2600 called Alpha Beam, which helped kids learn maths and other life skills etc. I remember it came with an awesome blue square control pad with numbers on.

Laurens Retro Game Collection 2

Why do I love retro games so much?

Main reason is the nostalgia.

The SNES and Nes games especially are without doubt my biggest and most fondest gaming memory growing up and that’s why I will always hold them dear to my heart and they pull on my heart strings. I love modern day games also, but retro games are what helped me grow up and turn me into the gamer I am today and it’s always nice to replay them now with happy memories. I remember sitting on the floor of my mum’s living room playing Gunsmoke and Super Mario Bros together and renting an athletics game for the Nes from the video store and I remember I loved the swimming event as I was the only one able to do it haha. Not sure what it was called? Track and Field?

Did that have a swimming event?

Not sure.

Laurens Retro Game Collection

Super Hang On was a cool game for the Sega Mega drive.

I remember I was the racer and my brother was the engineer meaning that after each race I would leave all the upgrades of the bike to him and all the finances. We both proper owned that game together! My mum completed Gunsmoke. I repeat. My mum completed Gunsmoke. It was a scrolling shooting cowboy game on the Nes and when I was at school she completed it all in one sitting. Bearing in mind games weren’t that long back then.

Laurens Retro Game Collection 1

They were all very arcadey and i loved them, even though i had never really stepped into an arcade. I had no reason to when i had them all in my living room. A lot of the retro games still stand strong in today’s market which just shows with their selling prices on the likes of ebay and in some second hand stores. I’m still in process of expanding my retro collection and have recently purchased a ps1 and a Sega Dreamcast.

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