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So we had a little brown box delivered by the postman and you know how we love unboxings here at GYL. What makes it even better i when you guys send us stuff and we dont even know its coming!

So we opened up this little brown box and out came some awesome little gaming badges. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when it was cool to wear and collect badges from the events, movies or bands that you followed!?

Well these days they are a bit more scarce but thee little gems are definatly gonna find a way to our jackets, caps and badges around the office.


The first one to catch our eye was the Gameboy style badge. This shiney gold peice sparkled in the sun light as it hit our desks and is a firm favourite with our the team. The detail is spot on and there is even a Tetris style block added for realism. The quality is as youd expect from a premium badge no flimsy plastic or thin metal pins, just a solid badge!

Inside the box was also a very cool Famicom controller badge, this has the same sweet detail and you can instantly tell what controller it was and again the eye for detail is there. We emptied the rest of our care package from www.Poweruppins.com and we found a PS3 style controller badge, an Xbox badge also a very cool Game over edition and a Arnie Get Your Ass To Mars badge.....yes you read that right! Just take a look at this bespoke beauty!

IMAG0026 (1)

So guy , if you like very cool gaming, and very fashionable badges that you won't find anywhere else. Go check out these guys at www.Poweruppins.com and  pick up a cool badge or two.

Keep an eye on our Twitter as we may give away one of these beauties to you guys and also there will be a video review coming soon to our You Tube channel, so sub us here if you want a closer look at these badboys!

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