NES/Famicom Book Reveal


We have in our hands now the 4th book in the series from Bitmap Books - The NES/Famicom Visual Compendium.

Funded in 2016 to the tune of £190,214 during the one month Kickstarter campaign the NES/Famicom: a visual compendium is the most successfully funded retro gaming book of all time. And when you get it you'll see why!

Beautifully designed by Sam Dyer through Bitmap Books - it takes you through the chronological history of the NES / Famicom games from the first year in 1982 to the years beyond. So many excellent games are covered using a mix of pixel artwork and reviews from a whole range of people. This includes Kevin Bayliss (Rare / Playtonic), Ste & John Pickford (Rare), David Darling (Codemasters) and us of course! We reviewed Double Dragon 2 in the book.

Alongside the meaty game reviews there are so many other features that celebrate so many aspects of history relating to the NES and Famicom - the art, hardware, accessories and so much more.

A stunning book from many angles both in design, production and the sheer scale. Hope you enjoy the video below:

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