The ZX Spectrum Next Interview - Week One with Henrique Olifiers


After a few days of the ZX Spectrum Next becoming live and funding we met up with Henrique Olifiers.

Here we took time to discuss his team's success of funding the ZX Spectrum Next in less than two days and his plans to expand the computer even further.

To find out more go here:

It's an exciting time for the ZX Spectrum Next team. With just over a week gone and the level of support they have across the world it could be the fastest and most high performing 8 Bit System ever!

And all 35 years after the original was released by Sinclair.

Watch the interview:

Once you've seen this video you'll see the passion of Henrique and the guys behind him bringing this campaign to funding. Over the next few weeks we'll be following their journey on their campaign page on Facebook group which you can find here:

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