ZX Spectrum Next hits final stretch goal - 13 hours to go


With 13 hours to go the ZX Spectrum Next hits final stretch goal. What will backers expect from this amazing new computer?

Knowing this is a computer rather than an emulator makes this all the better for gamers but also coders alike. Imagine being able to run games the old fashioned way (yes it works with tapes!) as well as speedly loading the game too - you can do both. Plus coding will be all possible with this. Jim Bagley will even do a online lecture for all backers to show them how!

The ZX Spectrum Next will be full of amazing features given it has now hit the £650K stretch goal, From the most recent of having 2 built in joystick ports to now extra memory, extra RAM and the internet toolbox this is now fully loaded.

A true reinvention of Sir Clive's and Rick Dickinson's orginal ZX Spectrum.

And lets not forget this is Rick Dickinson's design creation - all the lines, design features and modelling come from he man himself. Coupled with all this is the cool retro box and manual that retro gamers like ourselves will love.

And there will be games! Yes - a new Dizzy game from the Oliver Twins, a reinvented Rex from Jas Austin and also from Steve Wetherill - a Nodes of Yesod game to play. Plus with the Speccy's back catalogue of published and homebrew games there will be thousands of others to choose from.

With just hours to go now get your hands on the ZX Spectrum Next here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next

Watch the trailer (With Henrique Olifiers and Jim Bagley):

Watch our interview with creator Henrique Olifiers:

Stretch Goals (all hit!):


Gameplay (accelerated) on the ZX Spectrum Next:


Pictures of the NEXT (By Rick Dickinson):

Spec Plus Ren 12095


Spec Plus Ren 12101

Spec Plus Ren 12169

Spec Plus Ren 12102 2

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