Saturday 14th October 2017 - Play Expo Schedule


We're gearing up for an exciting Saturday filming at Play Expo Manchester. This takes place on 14th October 2017 at Event City.

Here are our plans for the day. Plus also what's going on over the weekend.

9 - 10am Entrance Walk - our professional film crew will be outside at the entrance and walking the queue mainly - so if you're in the queue we may see you there for a quick chat

10am Event Opens - show opens for advanced tickets only (main is 11am) so we'll be roaming the inside of the place for a chat with everyone as well as picking up the vibe of the event.

We won't be there - but feel free to drop into our stand in the "Community Zone" to pick up a leaflet and we will have some sweets too (just one at a time please!). We won't be there from 10-11:30 but head back for 11:30 or 2:30pm and we will!

11:30am Community interviews - If you're a blogger, youtuber, instragrammer, twitter follower, facebook fan or someone who just wants a chat - come on over for a couple of minutes to chat on camera with our professional film crew on the stand in the community zone. It's good to talk! The more the merrier!

Midday (12 noon) Roaming - (or maybe later if the interviews are still going on) again we'll be back to roaming around so hopefully we will spot you playing games, buying games and goodies, walking around in cosplay or just soaking up the atmosphere

2:30pm Industry Interviews - back to the  "Community Zone" with some industry interviews - hang around as there will a bunch of us from the GYL team as well as our professional film crew. After these interviews about 3:15 'jump in' for a chat too. All gamers welcome!

3:30 - 6pm Arcade Roaming - we'll be mainly hanging around the arcade (and bar!) - so if you see us and our GYL T shirts and Film crew in tow - don't forget to come over and say hI! We're a friendly bunch :)

Play Expo 2016 Manchester 4

So Saturday 14th October is the day for us.

But Play Expo is a TWO DAY affair so don't forget there is a ton of stuff to see. More info on this go to 

Here's some interviews we did last year too: 

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