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The Arcade Perfect Podcast was Co-created by Artist Sean Taggsta originally from the UK but is now residing in Melbourne Australia with Darren “Daz” Borg Ex-Retro Domination podcast host also in Melbourne.

The Podcast started in July 2017 with an episode once a month but now due to demand from the gaming public they are now going for fortnightly episodes and dedicating all theirw time to give the listeners a show they will enjoy.


The premise of the show is one Arcade game is chosen per episode and the guys play and review whatever home ports were created and decide which ones are worth playing and which ones deserve The Golden Turd award.

Dazs Capcom Airborne And Arcade Cab

Ports range from the Japanese consoles to 80’s vintage computers like the C64 and ZX Spectrum just to name a few. It‘s fun spin on podcasting and it keeps the listener engaged. The guys normally have a different guest on every show so that also keeps it fresh.

Seans Toys 01

Sean and Daz love their arcade and retro gaming so creating this podcast was a no brainer and there chemistry shows it.

Seans Toys 02

So why not check out the show in the following links and give them a follow, you won’t regret it.




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Dazs Wall Of Arcade Marquees 

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