Game Room Tour: Let's play retro games!


Hi my name’s Nick (Nicktendowii on Twitter) and I run the Youtube Channel Let’s Play Retro Games.  And welcome to my room tour!

I’ve been collecting games as far back as I can remember.

I was a Nintendo kid through and through in the 90’s, always excited for the next big thing from Nintendo, I religiously used to read all the Nintendo magazines at the time and built up a great selection of NES, SNES, Gameboy and N64 games.

Video Room Tour - Let's play Retro Games

Unfortunately, when the GameCube was coming out I had to sell my N64 and all the games to be able to afford it, and I think this is where my collecting really began… 

I first started buying back all the games that I’d sold on as a kid so I could afford the recent game system. One particularly bad memory was selling off my entire N64 collection and console so I could afford the GameCube when it came out. Luckily I’ve managed to get back all the N64 games I used to have now but it was something I always regretted. 

Around 2008 I made an Excel sheet to keep track of all my games, and remember the day that I got my 1000th game, it was Bomberman Generations on the GameCube, not a very exciting game for such a big milestone though. Now, 10 years later I have passed the 2000 milestone, my 2000th game was much more exciting, Lufia 2 for the SNES. An amazing RPG that I’d wanted for years! 

These days, I’m no longer just a Nintendo fanboy, seeing the error of my ways I now own and collect for pretty much every system! As for the games themselves, I mostly get them from various events around the UK.

The many MCM Comic Con expo’s and Gaming Markets are a great place to look at and buy retro games. I always try to get some footage of the events and the cool pickups that I find there for my channel! 

I particularly enjoy collecting for 8 and 16-Bit systems, there’s something about the pixel art and simplicity of the games that really draws me in, I’m also fascinated from a design point of view how the developers managed to get things to work within the limitations of the hardware at the time. 

Looking into the future of my collection, I think I’m going to try and focus on one or two systems that really mean a lot to me, and aim for a complete set. I would like to try and get a complete PAL SNES set but I know the prices of some of those games are crazy… So maybe Gameboy or N64 might be a better choice! Either way, one thing’s for certain, I won’t stop collecting and making videos about retro games! 

If you’d like to talk retro games or get in touch I’m @nicktendowii on Twitter. 
I upload retro gaming and collecting videos to my channel every week, check it out here: 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my room tour video!

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