New Super Mario Movie announced by Nintendo


Back in 2016 Nintendo CEO and president Tatsumi Kimishima said Mario and his buddies were to hit the big screen. Now Nintendo is making it a reality.

This week Nintendo officially announced the up and coming Super Mario Movie on it's Twitter. Well almost...It actually says a Movie starring Mario. But it's not going to be Call of Duty with Mario is it?! It's going to have him as a key character we expect...

Mario Tweet

The movie is very much under wraps, but we do know it's being co-produced by Shigeru Miyamoto alongside Chris Meledandri who is famous for the Despicable Me movies. Chris also produced Robots and Ice Age which was hugely successful and has high production values as well as budgets. Illumination is the studio that brings this together.

This could be a perfect combination for a Super Mario movie that could entertain and really please the fans now.

Super Mario Bob Hoskins

Now this isn't a live action version like the 90s Bob Hoskins versions which we love to hate - but still has a charm! This new movie is an animated version. There have been various incarnations of animated Mario cartoons over the years. Including the Super Mario World TV show which was mainly distributed in the US. This was not well received so lets' hoping a longer full length feature can offer more quality here.

Imagine seeing the Mario exploration through a movie like 8 or 16-Bit style?! Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch which is hugely popular and one of the best games for the console utilises this. The movie could do the same. A 3D experience could also be amazing - taking on a Mario 64 (N64) style seeing Mario, Luigi. Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong in a 3D world.

Super Mario Oddesey

This could be the moment Movies and Games combine creatively with Super Mario world as the first experience that truly pleases gamers.

Let's hope so.

Once the trailer releases and is announced we'll be sharing it here. So follow us on our social channels to be kept up to date.

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