Funded! Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Fun & Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games


Ever wanted to own a book full of Fascinating, Fun & Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games?

Well conveniently enough that's the title of the NOW FUNDED book by Larry Bundy Jr.

On Monday 12th Feb (today) this new book hit it's funding target on unbound and you can still get your hands on it now. >

This new book includes the really unusual gaming insights and info - not the things you are able to easily find yourself with a quick google search. Larry and his YouTube channel is already well known for researching and hunting down these facts and presenting them in video. There looks like there are a ton of images to back up the stories too and you can get a variety of pledge options from the book itself, to signed stuff and artwork.

Now as classic game fans we're hoping to see a bunch of facts about games we know and also don't know about. Not the usual common theories or blatant speculation either - some really juicy hidden info for a change!

Also from the visuals and content examples we have seen (below) Larry is covering some early 8-bit stuff in there which is music to our ears!

So what's the book about in detail? Here's Larry to tell you about it:

Some pics of the book:

Facthunt Coverimage1 Gamesyouloved 




Book Stats:

Approximately 250 pages Full colour, glossy, high-quality printing Hardback with head and tail bands Full colour endpapers Ribbon bookmark

Large but portable format: 201 x 254mm 

Back the book here (limited time and quantities):

More Larry links:

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