New Sega arcade to open....


A NEW amusement and games arcade could be on it's way to a Southampton shopping centre. Plans have been lodged by arcade company, SEGA Amusements, to convert an empty unit in Westquay. 

We had our fingers crossed when we heard the news of SEGA putting in planning permission for a new arcade. Our minds started racing with the memories of Daytona USA racing, Afterburner and more with hours being spent chuggin' in every pound coin we had in our pockets!

But SEGA Amusements, who are part of the same company as Japanese video games giant, SEGA, want to bring it to life with arcade games, air hockey, basketball and fairground-style sideshows.

The company, famous for games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Virtua Fighter, say the arcade will be family friendly, with games aimed at children under 18. 


As you can see from the plans above, this could be bad news for us gamers who were hoping for an aracde of old, where we could hang out, take your kids to enjoy real classic videogames and relive your youth. 

With SEGA being such a big player in the gaming world, we really need them to step up and bring back the arcades with a slant on the past. Even if they revived them with new cabs with original boards this would be a massive step in the right direction.

SEGA was founded in 1960 in Japan (even though its origins went back as early as the 40s) and remains one of the world’s leading video game producers.

They created Sonic the Hedgehog, who has been the company’s mascot since 1991.

Come on SEGA ...Do us a favour !!

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