Collecting 10 nostalgic Games from my youth I still don't own


Making lists of games I want to get. Not something I am very good at at all unlike some people who are very focused with looking for their retro games.  

This year I thought I'd do something a bit more fun. Choose 10 'nostalgic' games I don't already own the physical version, that really mean something to me from my childhood and teen years. So avoiding the time after the age of 18. 

So off I go in this quest. First stage is to remember them and also - avoid games I already own!

I planned then to set myself a mission of several parts. 

1. Remember

2. Find them

3. Unbox and wonder at the game and physical media / packaging

4. Reminisce about it all

5. Play!

First of all is making the list and racking the memory banks of course for what they might be. Games would be more on the computer game side - as being from the UK, the early part of my own gaming at home (apart from a Pong Style game in the late 70s) - was on computers. So I'm talking very early 80s here.

I was blessed with the ZX Spectrum 48K - pretty early in 83.  Then had the various upgrades including the + and the +2 particularly remember the 128K +2 with the tape deck built in which came later on.

Then I had access to the Atari ST and the Amiga not soon after. It is a little hazy around this point as I remember getting a bit more money through part time weekend work as a 14 / 15 year old in the late 80s and also doing alot of swapping of consoles back and forth with mates too - sometimes not owning them for long and swapping back again.

The SEGA Master System was something a mate owned and I remember watching him play for hours whilst I waitred patiently. I did hire it once it a while (from the video store) -  so I am including that here also.

I do remember a Japanese Mega Drive in the late 80s and it was pretty pricey and a Pal Mega Drive after along with an original Game Boy - then came along an Atari Lynx - the final one here was the SNES and then I hit 18 so for me I'll stop there. That's a fair few to start thinking about and these were the true systems of my own youth. Everyone is different.

Now in reality I got a many other consoles just after this time (moving away from computers about 1990 especially) - PC Engine, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, Sega Saturn and the list goes on. But I wanted to focus on the systems when I was under 18 because for me personally they are most nostalgic of all as coming from more of a youth/child perspective.

The next step is to track them down, but to try and avoid just going on ebay really. Doing a Buy it now one by one isn't that interesting for me - plus it will be expensive like that. Using car boot sales (flea markets) Charity Shops, Friends and Family, some visit to game stores and events and maybe some facebook groups will be the way to go. I'd like to get it all done this year but I'm not going to stress over that. Make sure the whole thing is fun and an adeventure of sorts.

Once I get my hands on them, I'll write up how I aquired them and what I thought of them playing again after so many years! I think also it's about owning the physical version that will make this all part of the fun - the cart or tape or even disk - plus the box and all important instructions. I might have to do that in stages though and it can be fun trying to make up a full set of course. 

So now its time to go get them - challenge for 2018! (my list below)

None are particurly rare or that obscure or in some cases probably that great to play after all!  But it's a personal thing more than anything. Also there are a few games here I already own on later systems now that are higher quality in terms of graphics and sound, but I think getting the more earlier and perhaps basic version might make it that little bit more nostalgic a feeling. For me with this it's about the nostalgia value a game gives - in fact I shouldn't have too much trouble tracking them down but it will be good starting this from January onwards.

One last thing now - I'd love to hear your 10 Games from YOUR youth you still don't own and hear about them! Maybe you could make a list and go on a hunt and discovery too!? Comment below - or even email us at and we can publish your thoughts and memories of them.


My 10 (currently not owned) Nostalgic games list for 2018 to find:

Dungeon Master - Atari ST

Everyones a Wally - ZX Spectrum

Paperboy - Pal Mega Drive

Defender of the Crown - Amiga 

Kings Quest 3 - Atari ST

Target Renegade - ZX Spectrum

R-Type - Game Boy

Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja

Roadblasters - Atari Lynx

Super Thunder Blade- Japanese Mega Drive  

Joe Mac Caveman Ninja

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