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Guest blog and special Ghouls & Ghosts video featuring Ben from One Credit Classics. If there is a game to beat he's ready to take on the challenge!

Here's Ben to tell you more about his channel One Credit Classics ...

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Ben.. " Anyone can beat an arcade game if they've got enough money. But that's not the challenge right?

The challenge is trying to beat it when you've only got enough money to play once. When everything depends on your one set of lives and there's no room for error. It's about saving the world, it's about getting the girl, it's about finishing first and it's about getting the big knockout.

One Credit Classics was set up when I recorded a Wrestlefest clear, because I wanted to start putting videogame videos out and I wanted to beat the Legion of Doom without continuing. That was always the challenge at my local arcade. I practiced, I played and I won.

The rush I got from nailing that take was incredible, but it vanished as quickly as it had arrived. I knew that there was only one thing to do, scour the 1980s and 1990s for more games to conquer and record the results.

That, my friends, is One Credit Classics. Two videos a week, ARCADE/SNES/MD/SMS/NES games, competitions, long plays and a whole host of other goodness.

I'm just a regular guy with a passion for playing old videogames."

Here's a taste of what you might expect with my most recent challenge especially for GamesYouLoved:

One Credit Clear: One credit clear - Ghouls N Ghosts Arcade

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Take care, speak soon. Ben

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