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There's no denying that Lara Croft is an icon in gaming. From her core days to her Crystal Dynamics rebirth, this Tomb Raiding lady has had a successful 20+ years in the industry, spanning a fair few classics.

My Top 5 Tomb Raider games - By Sarahsgamecollection

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Growing up with the series, I played the games almost religiously- scratching my TR2 disc, so much so that it refused to play and TR4 so much that I wound up having constant nightmares of mummies.

But at least I mastered the tank controls... To celebrate the up and coming release of Tomb Raider film, I decided to put together a 'Top 5' of my favour ite Tomb Raider games.

Honourable Mention... An honourable mention has to go to Tomb Raider 1996 - the game that started it all! The first time I experienced this game was watching my Aunt play it in her bedroom. I just loved how fleshed out Lara was as a character; not just physically but historically as well.

She had such a fleshed out back story that it felt like I knew her already.

Although Lara is slow in this game and the graphics are considered outdated- there are still many amazing parts of this game that makes it memorable.

Like the first time we encounter that T-re xor that mutant fight nearer the end of the game- these boss fights are awesome and I always get giddy when I encounter them.

5.Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

Oh, Angel of Darkness, you were the game that could have been. The game that I was so looking forward to getting into but landed up being full of numerous bugs- so much so that my original copy wouldn't load beyond a certain point.

So why is this in my Top 5?!

You could say that I'm looking at this game through nostalgia googles, but I do have at least some fond moments.

I generally liked the dark, gothic-esque atmosphere, with the change of location from sandy tombs and temple ruins to Parisian streets and lab facilities being a rather nice change. And I did enjoy AOD, despite the stiff controls and multiple bugs that plagued my experience but if it wasn't for that, it would have been a killer of a game and would have ranked way higher on my list.

4.Tomb Raider Anniversary

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider's' Having played Legend and Underworld, I was left feeling really underwhelmed by Lara and her adventures, but I did enjoy the revamp of the original Tomb Raider.

Anniversary pretty much improved on the original flaws, like the old tank controls and it was lovely to see the once pixilated graphics smoothed out and resuscitated.

3.Tomb Raider 2

Ah, I was torn between this and my number 2 - however I feel like Tomb Raider 2 sits comfortably at third on my list.

Forever known as the fan favourite, I loved this game for vastly adding to Lara, like giving her more weapons, new costumes and broadening on her personality as a whole.

Admittedly, I played this so often that I absolutely ruined the disc but there were always parts that I just loved replaying- for example, the first level (Great Wall).

It was such a great starting level that really transitioned throughout. It was easy enough to get into but also provided some puzzles and challenges- just giving you a taste of what's yet to come. That was my first impression and it was one that has stayed with me through all these years. Speaking of certain feels, let's get onto my next favourite....

2.Tomb Raider 3

Nabbing second was Tomb Raider 3.

As much as I loved our third entry swooning over pure nostalgia and levels- I just get so many feels with Tomb Raider 3, that it would always be one I'll pick up first. I just preferred this game over TR2..

Something I felt that the second game was missing, that the original actually had, was prominent antagonists. Natla and Larson made for memorable antagonists in the original and although Bartoli was the main enemy in the second game; I found that his goons were more of a threat then him.

Roll onto this game - there were many antagonists that I still love to this day- mainly Sophia Leigh. She was one of those bosses that were built up, through the awful rumours you hear to when you finally meet her, finally putting those awful stories to a face.

Just the boss battle with her, was rather interesting to say the least. Instead of, just spam shooting and jumping about- there was actually a different way of killing her. But this was just one of the more memorable parts that I enjoyed. I even loved how they expanded on her mansion tutorial- creating puzzles here as well.

And not to mention 'Locking the Butler in the Freezer: Part 2'- or you could accidentally shoot him in target practice, but that's just mean.

1.Tomb Raider: Last Revelation.

It maybe an odd choice but Tomb Raider: Last Revelation is my all time favourite of the entire series.

At the time I was obsessed with Egyptology and along with being obsessed with Lara Croft- this served as a perfect combination to fuel my addictions. Lara was a little different in this game, her personality a little darker than the previous games and she really meant business in this game.

And although I really loved the mansion, I did enjoy Von Croy's tutorials. Yes, this game did give me nightmares but I think that's another reason why it is one of my overall favourite.

It's weird, but not many games have so much of an affect on me that I have consistent nightmares.

By Sarahsgamecollection

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