Snapshots from EGX 2018 - A review of the event


Stepping off of my train on Friday morning in Birmingham, I arrived a little lost, admittedly.With the GPS on my phone freaking out and Birmingham Intentional station being huge, I felt like I was certainly going to get lost.However my saviour (and Map), came in the form of a huge crowd.Plenty of them wearing game shirts and they were all heading in the same direction. So I tagged along.

Snapshots from EGX 2018 by Sarahsgamecollection

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I mean, this could have been risky. They all could have been attending a routine cult meeting - but luckily enough it was the cult of gaming!

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Arriving at EGX, I felt like a kid in a candy store!

So many games!

So many new releases!

What to sample first?!

Being a gaming event, of course, it catered to our varied interests from Fortnite to Retro to Indie and Modern.

Of course, the main game I wanted to sample was 'Spyro', in the Playstation zone, however the queue was understandably long... and it didn't seem like it wasn't moving when I kept walking past!

But fortunately enough there were many other games that caught my attention and kept me entertained.

Firstly, I plucked up the courage to play the 10 minute demo of 'Man of Medan'- which was pretty brave of me, I must say, considering my sensitive nerves is barely carrying me through Until Dawn at the moment!

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Displaying a stern face, looking rather intently at my screen - I tried to mask up my fear and I was scared, so much so that I screamed at one particular jump scare but I still eagerly await for it's release in 2019!

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Another game that pulled on my heart strings was, of course, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Just the setting of the demo revolving around Andy's bedroom just filled me with nostalgia to when I played Toy Story 2 for the PS1 those many years ago.

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And speaking of nostalgia, how could I not include the Retro Zone!

Egx 2018 Review Gamesyouloved Pacmania

And yes, various consoles (including my beloved SEGA Master System), was present and we won't go into how a certain someone broke Golden Axe that day. ;)

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Something that caught my attention as I casually wondered around the event, was the Surgeon Simulator stall set up by Bossa Studios. Despite not having the biggest of zones, they really utilised their space.

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People working the stall were dressed up in doctor's outfits, attracting attention of passers by whilst a 'patient' played dead in front of the screen. A massive kudos to them for a entertaining set up.

Last but definitely not least, was watching a couple of the new games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

One, I'm really excited for was the new Mario Party release - the mini games I saw really makes me so excited to get a switch soon.

So these were just a small handful of my highlights, what did you enjoy at EGX  2018 this year? Comment below...

Article and coverage from EGX 2018 by Sarahsgamecollection

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