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Ace Combat is back and it is ready to rule the skies again, but this time with super fast action, heart pumping dogfights and the all important campaign mode!

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Yes yes ...we know we are talking about a PS4 game and when did PS4 become didn't....but hey, this is a classic follow on from a mega PS1 hit and went onto PS2 and so on - so this game has some history! 

So lets get down to business and give you a run down on this new installment from Namco Bandai Entertainment.

Kick the tyres and light the fires

After the game has installed you can get straight into the action if you can't wait to hit the skies. The game has a number of modes and by selecting multiplayer this puts you in the usual style team death-matches (or dogfights) where you can battle it out until time runs out an the player with the most kills wins.  

Now to us multiplayer mode is more like arcade mode. The action starts with you flying head on towards your enemy. The controls are pretty easy to get the hang of; accelerate, brake, change weapon and of course FOX 2....FIRE!!!! 

The action is fast paced , and with no more than a few seconds gone you can be shot down and you are respawning.  This game is a serious shooter as well as a fine simulator, and probably the one and only good flight sim on the PS4. But even with the amazing graphics,sound effects and immense gameplay, this game is a challenge! So like retro games of the past it makes it good for us gamers.

And in this day and age that can only be a good thing!

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Turn and Burn

We turn back to the 'campaign mode' which gives you a much better chance of learning how to take control of your fighter jet.

You follow the storyline watching magnificent cut scenes which narrate your path into each mission, this builds up the excitement as you get ready to face your first sortie.

We won't spoil the game for you but the first mission is pretty cool and helps you get to grips with your plane. Picking an emblem and placing it on our tail we are ready to roll and get going. As with some flight sims even taking off an be a pain in the ass, but with Ace Combat 7, thankfully you just hit the afterburners and pull up!

Listening to your squad, you can follow instructions by watching for the enemy on your radar, and forming up with your team. If you have headphones we recommend that you sling them on, because this puts the game into another level for the immersive experience.  You can hear fighters screaming behind you from right to left and you can hear your wingman and team members much more clearly over the action, which helps later on in the us!  

But the best sound is the low hum when you unleash a barrage of bullets on your enemy and with the vibration of the controller its actually very very realistic and somewhat scary.

Take Control

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Now if you are really hardcore -  you can purchase the Thrustmaster Flight stick and it is actually a pretty serious way to make this game even more realistic. 


So in short this game is a cracker. It's what you expect from a great series of games that has moved into the next generation.

But it keeps the simple gameplay, speed and excitment that retro games have. If you can go straight into the VR we are sure the game will be 1000% better than the stock experience which is bloody good in itself.  It may take a few hours of dogfights to get to grips with the controls and to become a little more comfortable acustomed to your planes, but it is a highly enjoyable journey. 

Score 9/10

Now where is my Top Gun soundtrack?  


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