Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection


A handful of arcade classics land on your PS4 thanks to our friends at Konami.

Before we start here, yes we know....why are we reviewing a PS4 release on a retrogaming website?  Well your answer is these are some classic retro games you can play on your PS4 without having crack open a cartridge or console you've been keeping unopened for years in your collection.

Konami have released this anniversary collection and bundled it with some classic games. Of course someone can always think that they coud have chosen a better line up but hey, we are happy witth it and had some fun playing it too.

The games include Nemesis (Gradius), Twinbee , Scramble, Salamander, Typhoon, Haunted Castle, Vulcan Venture and Thunder Cross. The collection also comes with a museum section with some nice retro trivia and within the game screens are some nice additional graphics .

Listen we are not gonna review these games for you as you should know that Scramble is a 1981 classic, simply a side scroller shoot em up which has pretty much made it onto every format.

We liked Typhoon and its hectic fighter jet action and remember this being a smash hit on the C64 with a joystick!  We dont need to tell you anything else about the games on this collection except that there are nice little touches like having to insert coins by pressing your controller buttons before you play, and hearing the press start sound effect!


We will say one thing though the games are clean and crisp and sound great through the PS4 an our smart TV. CRT option The game will cost you around £15 on the Playstation store and if you would like some retrogames in digital format this is for you....although we would love to see Konami bring out a collection with more titles too......Track and Field maybe!!!

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