Game & Watch the new version and my memories of the past


Its been 40 years since Ball came on the scene as the very first game and watch. To celebrate I got my hands on the new Super Mario game & Watch of 2020 and think about some of the others in the past which lead us here.

To kick off here is my first look at the new version: 

Overall I am extremely pleased with what Nintendo have done with this new version. For me they had to do a twist on the original design and style, but give it a new tech ability without it being too much. As the Game & Watch in itself is a very simple and satisying game experience.

Game And Watch Super Mario 2020

It all started with BALL in 1980 and from the mind of the legendary Gunpei Yokoi in the late 70s. The story goes that whilst in a train waiting room he saw a businessman playing a calculator to pass the time. This was somewhat interesting - but not really that much fun! So Gunpei Yokoi set to work developing something for the Nintendo that would combine functionality (the watch) with gameplay to challenge you as a 1 player game.

Along came Ball.

Which originally was intended for adults - just like the calculator play. But it didn't resonate at all to this market - instead it was the kids who fell in love with it!

Me included. Here are a few of my Game & Watches:

 Game And Watch Ball

Game And Watchdonkey Kong

Some that really give me nostalgic memories - namely Donkey Kong which I played to death and got reasonably good at.

I often still take time out to turn off all the tech and play these as they are such simple fun games to get into. The basic idea is often the same but just like Nintendo to give each a bit of a twist. My favourites today are still DK but also Zelda and Super Mario Bros. I love the music and fast gameplay.

Game And Watch Collection

If you have any Game & Watch memories let us know here or on our social channels.

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