Game Boy: The Box Art Collection


So excited for the new Game Boy Book by Bitmap Books that I thought I'd look at the book and also recount a few Game Boy memories of my own

Get the book here:

The Book.

First of all here are some scrumptious visuals of this new design - carefully crafted by Sam Dyer the creative lead behind the highly successful quality of Bitmap Books.

GB Spread23 544X320

As well as spell-binding artwork from the boxes themselves that appear in the book (which are getting harder to find these days) you get a fantastic write up on each game. The cool touch is on the screen art as it gives you the same green screen feel on the game boy games as the original.

GB Spread16 544X320

For me personally I love the feeling of the original game boy - it reminds me of a time which was free and innocent with nothing but you and the game and the sound of it in the background.

GB Spread5 480X288 1

I can't wait to rediscover the games in this book and also find the new ones I hadn't heard of. Thats also a reason I buy these types of books - as they are a great reference point as well as being something beautiful to look at!

GB Spread13 480X288

For more information of the content and details check out the link above or watch the trailer at the bottom of this article.

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My Game Boy memories

I remember my brother had the Game Boy first - it was a expensive item to buy in the late 80s - even though I think he had his first in 1990.

I remember Fortress of fear being the game he always played as well as Tetris. I can still hear the music in my head easily on both games when I just close my eyes and think about them. That's a great memory for me.

Zelda Collection

So when I did finally get one I was totally hooked on Zelda (shown here) and still to this day own my original copy with the map and instructions etc.

It's the one Game Boy game I kept hold of as many others got sold to buy something else as money was needed if I wanted stuff.

But I still love my OG Game Boy which I went out and bought a boxed one later on. Oh and Fortress of Fear again - I couldn't do without that!

  Game Boy: The Box Art Collection - Trailer:

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