20 NES Games nobody talks about



The NES is John Rigg's favourite system of all time. Sure, we've all played the popular games out there -  but here are more that you may have skipped over.

Here John takes us out of our comfort zone of familiar titles and may have missed out on to reveal a bunch of undiscovered classic titles. Many of which play like well-known titles but with a twist.

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In summary - here's John's take on these...

8 - Eye - like Castlevania but in many ways very different - more lighter to play and the graphics are good but not quite as good with Castlevania. Items can be picked up and you'll find hidden things along the way

Krion Conquest - a reskinned Mega Man style game which is an action platformer

Kickle Cubicle - ice cubes is the theme in a Bubble Bobble style colourful levels game - fun and easy to play, very addictive too

Willow - based on one of John's favourite movies of all time - plays similar to Legend of Zelda - a sword swinging adventure. If you are a fan of the movie you will love this game (note:game is not entirely based on the movie)

Faxanadu - this is like Zelda 2 but a little different !- one John's fav NES games - you attack the enemiues they die - you win!

Kabuki Quantum Fighter - if you love Batman on the NES this is your kind of thing - attack the computer virus to get through the game

Dick Tracey - one for GTA fans who like the style - you get assigned and go on the dectective run, chasing and fighting enemies 

Cowboy Kid - a fairly hard to find game - 2 players, similar to Legend of the Mystical Ninja and a fun experience

The Loan Ranger - based on the character and popular TV show, be the Lone Ranger and go kill bad guys and head into town to wreck havoc - what else could you ask for!?

Wrath of the Black Manta - one for Ninja fans - fairly generic storyline, think Shinobi but in this you head out to rescue kids

The boy and his blob - from David Crane, the legendary creator of Pitfall - is just alot of fun to play and very creative

Dragon Fighter - plays well, very hard but challenging - nice graphics too

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Fly around as dragon - in a detailed map - if you love dragons...well this is for you!

City Connection - similar to Miner2049er - a very nice game which is fun to play (puzzle in some ways)

Cobra Command - playing the role of the helicopter you get to rescue your people landing and picking up whilst firing up the bad guys

Rescue: The Embassy Mission - sneak about with spotlights tracking you in from the start - which is super fun to play, track your way avoiding the sniper rifles - various levels to this game

Monster Party - a crazy cool creative game with great graphics and good bosses in this game

Jackal - a classic Konami game of this time, shoot the bad guys and rescue your friends

Cobra Triangle - a fun game, attacking boats through various levels

Conquest of the crystal palace - a fun platformer with awesome music

Codename Viper - plays just like Rolling Thunder - killing the bad guys and rocking through the levels

Some fun games there and many we will be checking out for the first time thanks to John and his recommendations

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