The Darkside Detective - Collectors USB Cassette Double-Pack


With the release of old style Detective pixel adventure The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark, Huey Games (Hewson) have a special treat for physical game collectors - The Darkside Detective - Collectors USB Cassette Double-Pack

The Kickstarter promises a very special package available for backers:

The game is a fun adventure with lots of comedy moments and quips - think Sherlock Holmes with Monkey Island all wrapped up with a sprinkling of retro humour. And for fans of pixels and retro games - the style of the game this is right up your (and our!) street. The pixel art is colourful and beautifully drawn with a massive amount of scenes and locations in the game.

Darkside Detective 3

The game is no pushover either - its a challenge without being frustrating and is perfect for a weekend or evening play through if you fancied something a bit different. The 2nd game is a nice follow up to the original and this kickstarter gives you both games in one.

The Kickstarter contains the Collectors USB Cassette double-pack of The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark + the original hit game (DRM-free) for PC and Mac.

Watch the trailer here:

Darkside Detective 5

Back the Kickstarter:

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