Streets of Rage 2 hits 29 this month!


Streets of Rage 2 IS a Christmas game -  it was launched in December and it has a Chicken in it. What else do you need?!

Streets Of Rage Turkey

As recently tweeted out on the SEGA Forever Twitter - the mighty legendary and wonderful Streets of Rage 2 is 29 years old this year in December.  December 20 to be exact, 1992 it was released on the SEGA Genesis in the USA first.

From SEGA Forever:

To continue the celebration its also well worth exploring the game's history. To get the detail and knowledge in one full hit from the original game then you have to see this video from Slopes Game Room...

Slopes Game Room - Streets of Rage. The complete History:

The game itself is playable on the original consoles and also on the SEGA Genesis Mini and for the rest of the world including the UK, the SEGA Mega Drive mini which has this and over 40 classic games + 2 bonus titles.

Why not just combine Christmas and as there is a Chicken in the game too. If you squint it's almost a Turkey. I mean I know its not a turkey - but its close enough! I think if we can link this game to a season it could be Christmas. It's dark and often the weather is problematic. But it sparkles with all the lights of the streets - and for some reason reminds me of seeing the Christmas lights. 

For me personally playing the Mega Drive during the holidays is very much a great memory of the early 90s - Christmas morning playing this game, as well as Robocod and Sonic 2.

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