20 Years of Halo


We couldn't let 20 years pass by without bringing up the subject of Halo. And what better time to hark back to the original - just after the launch day of Halo infinite on the XBOX - following a milestone 20 years of Halo being originally released.

20 years seems a looong time in some ways and not others. If you fire up the original HALO game now its amazing to think this was a first conceived for a brand new console just after the turn of the millennium.

Microsoft's XBOX needed a killer game to launch and Halo did it proud. It has been documented that nearly 90% of the game was completed by the team at Bungie well within 9 months of hardcore coding which is pretty amazing. Especially when you consider for its time how much went into this game. Bungie had been developing Halo exclusively for XBOX console-wise. Plus it was also available on PC and Mac CD Rom.

Halo Mac Retro Game

Celebrating 20 years

Here's our shout-out to our community on Twitter on Halo, just as Inifnite got launched as there was alot of new but also old dedications to Halo. We had some stunning photos back (see below the tweet) from this which was great to see.

The original inspiration of this was an epic collection (as seen in the tweet) by marcusoft365  

Depending when you experienced the first game - either at launch or buying it later in life you will have memories of becoming the Master Chief for the first time.Donning the famous suit and helmet with all the strength and power (fire power!) of this legendary character.

Halo: Collection pic by https://twitter.com/ilovegames2600

 Ilovegames2600 Halo Merchandise

Halo: Collection pic by https://twitter.com/shiiiva

Shiiiva Halo Collection

Halo: Collection pic by @kingmonkey25

Kingmonkey25 Xbox Halo Retrogaming

Beyond the game itself (as we have seen in some of the above collection pics) fans also love to show their appreciation with official Halo gear. As a gamer this is part of the experience of feeling part of the game's community and appreciating the art, music and design of the game. Halo is no exception.

Celebrating Halo is the official range available here: https://www.justgeek.com/collections/halo

Halo Official Merchandise Range

Just like the original XBOX console we can see alot of people getting the new XBOX Series S and Series X to play this title. Its just like history repeating itself!

Halo Infinite to buy here: https://amzn.to/3ILtah5

XBox Series S (add to wish list) here: https://amzn.to/3ERzEZ8


Xbox Series X (add to wish list) here: https://amzn.to/31XIqqc


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