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For anyone who doesn't know John Riggs - long standing member of the retrogaming community here's the interview for you to find out about the man, the myth and the mystery!

John Rigs Dr Eggman Cosplay

Here's how it went when we fired a number of probing questions at the man himself...

1, For anyone who doesn't know you - how would you best describe what you do on Youtube and social media John?

My YouTube channel focuses heavily on retro gaming nostalgia. I also like to try and get non-working games working again. I'm also a huge VR gamer as well as supporter of new indie titles on new systems so I do those videos as well, just not as often.

Mostly retrogaming as that's my passion.

 John Riggs Youtube

2. How long have you been gaming for?

Ever since I can remember. The earliest game I remember playing was Donkey Kong in the arcade. I can remember when Donkey Kong Jr. was a brand new game. It's fun to watch video games evolve.

Metal Jesus And John Riggs

3. How did you get into doing Youtube?

I had a friend who wanted me to start a channel back in 2008 or so. I didn't really use YouTube for 'shows' so since I wasn't passionate about it I didn't want to do it for the sake of doing it.

It wasn't until Metal Jesus had me on his channel a few times and he suggested I start my own channel I gave it a shot.

He's been a huge help.

 John Riggs And Metal Jesus Younger

4. What is the retro gaming community like in the US?

Oh, it has its micro-groups like any other community. The gatekeepers, the people who brag about their collection, the people who think they're better than others because they might have a few rare items. I avoid those.

I like to just focus on the supportive community who are all in it just for the fun of playing classic video games.  

John Riggs Portrait

5. Do you go to many conventions and what are they like?

The most I've ever done was 13 conventions in one year. I go to as many as I can but can't attend them all. Every convention has its own vibe and even its own size. Some are bigger, some are smaller. Some held in arenas, some held in private lodges. But all are wonderful for their own reasons.

There's also a regionality. Some games that would be sold quickly in the northwest may stay on the show floor all day on the east coast. It's interesting to see. Also gives me a reason to hang out with other YouTubers - many use it for a common meeting place.

6. Have you visited any other countries for gaming - and what was your experience like?

Not yet, but would love to. I have a passport ready for travel but haven't been invited to a convention overseas or in Canada, yet. The pandemic didn't help but with restrictions starting to lift more and more it shouldn't be too much longer.

7. Do you have any plans for 2022 you can tell us about?

In the United States, there are several conventions every year. Probably over 20 of them so overlapping conventions on the same weekend are inevitable. Because of this, some conventions invite guests early. I've already been invited to 4 conventions for next year and 2022 hasn't even started yet. It's gonna be a fun year.

8. What console did you grow up with?

I grew up with the Atari 2600 at home and all the wonderful arcade machines that could be found all over the city. In the '80s, every gas station, mini-mart, convenience store, grocery store, restaurant... they all had 1 or 2 arcade games. I didn't get my NES until the late '80s which became my favorite console of all time.

9. If you had to pick 3 favourite games from your youth what would they be and why?

My go-to favorite game of all time is Zelda 2 so I'd include that by default. Love the mixed gameplay.

I also loved Adventure for the Atari 2600. It's a game I still like playing today.

And 'just cuz' I'd include Tapper as it's one of my favorite arcade games that never saw an NES port.I love that the arcade controller is a literal tap to pour beer (or root beer for the youth version).

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