What is the best console ever made? There isn't one


What is the best console ever made? There isn't one. Or so I thought

Rather than just draw my on conclusion quickly and without thought the least I could do was to ask the community. So I took to Twitter and Facebook to find out some answers, and see where it would lead.

It lead us down some interesting comments and conversations

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On consoles not being appreciated:

Steve Gowans said

The sega saturn never got the attention it deserved. Also the dreamcast was phenomenal, and the gamecube was leagues ahead of everyone else.

With a console its more than just a games machine:
I was about to say original Xbox, but in all honesty it's the original PlayStation. It didn't just change gaming, it changed society
Overall considering the time and games it had like GTAIII that changed gaming forever, the PS2.
On SEGA and the Mega Drive
Titanic Toddler felt it was more than just a console...
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Just look at it today, it has a huge active community of game developers and music composers and remixers all unlocking the unique architecture and speed. Its library is filled with great games and hidden gems. It even had game downloading in the 90's.

I thought about the ultimate retro gaming question for myself again after all this - and came to the conclusion

- its different for everyone

- its hard to pin down just one with so many options

- it often depends when you were born

 But if you really had to pin me down, I could maybe pick 5! 1 is just too hard.

My top 5

Mega Drive, SNES, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox 

 But I might change my mind tomorrow ;)

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