The Holy Grail of Retro Games and Consoles


The Holy Grail game or console - everyone's choice is different. Wherever you are in the World it could be the same.

We chose 10 from our community when we asked the question - What is the one ‘Grail’ Retro game or console your are looking for?   

With each choice we give our verdict on the item and cost guide which will vary somewhat depending on condition.


Iam16bit NEO GEO AES

One of the most expensive consoles at release available from gaming legends SNK. As a young man when it came out, I lusted after it, but never pressed the button to purchase it. I wish I had - especially on the games - many of which far outweigh the rarity of the console itself.

It looks sleek too - finished in matt black accompanied with arcade controllers built in high quality plastic to take a hefty beating in one of the many fighting games the console has to offer. If you are an avid collector of consoles this is likely to be in your collection or on your wishlist.

Rarity verdict - 80/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £500 - 700

Chosen by @iam16bit

2. Steel Battalion

Squatch XXL Steel Battalion

This literal BEAST is one of the largest add-ons to a console you will ever find. It is bigger than every console you own - even a PS5. The game itself was developed by Capcom for the XBOX back in 2002. As well as a hefty weight - its price is too these days. It was made in limited numbers as a result and has become increasingly hard to find in good condition and boxed. With two control sticks and over 40 buttons it takes a while to master. But when you have it under control, its a pretty impressive experience.

Rarity verdict - 90/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £200 - 350

Chosen by @squatch XXL


New Hemp316 Vectrex

Imagine a self contained screen and games console where everything is in one place and there is no need to hook up seperate leads to play a game. Nearly 40 years ago (at the time of writing this) GCE / Milton Bradley made this a reality. Combine functionality with epic vector graphics, superb sound and the variety of games - you have on your hands a very sought after console.

I have owned one of these bad boys for over 20 years and have never looked back. They look beautiful on the shelf but you must play and display it with the overlays too to get the full experience. For me its best to turn all your other devices off and experience the simplicity of the VECTREX in a dim lit room. It is a literal gaming time machine.

Rarity verdict - 70/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £120 - 300

Chosen by @New_Hemp316

4. SEGA Pico Pikachu edition

Candi CGS SEGA Pico Pikachu Edition

Pokemon fans unite! I must admit when I first saw this tweeted by @Candi_CGS it was the first time I had seen it. That's how rare it is!

The Piko console itself I was aware of. But never this special edition Pikachu version. There is not a huge amount known about this particular console version - it really is that hard to come by. I expect you will be buying this for the aestheitic more than anything.

Rarity verdict - 95/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £300 - 500

Chosen by @Candi_CGS 

5. TurboGrafx 16

JAVGB2 Turbografx

A console way ahead of its time. This amazing unit was out in the late 80s when many of us were playing on our micro computers and 8 bit consoles. Whilst it used a 8 bit CPU it offered a 16 bit coder and video display controller. Certain games where very impressive on screen and the speed of them as much as the graphics truly impressed. Blazing Lazers anyone?

Rarity verdict - 60/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £100 - 250

Chosen by @JAVGB2

6. SEGA SG-1000

Sincespacies Sg 1000

If you are SEGA fan and you don't have this already it is most probably on your hitlist. I know its on mine!

Avaliable in Japan and Australia in 1983 it was SEGA's first console with cartridges. The follow-up in other regions was the classic Master System. Because of its limited geographical release the SEGA SG 1000 is a very rare and sort after console.

As much as the great catalogue of titles available it looks fantastic too. For something nearly 40 years old at the time of writing - it looks really slick with the famous blue SEGA logo and blue and red branding on a white console. You will find this very difficult to obtain in working order too let alone having it in a box. If you are in the UK, US or rest of the world, this is more likely going to be an import from Japan rather than finding a domestic model at a reasonable price.

Rarity verdict - 85/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £300 - 500

Chosen by @sincespacies

 7. Digital Derby Auto Raceway

Thelostmariobr1 Digital Derby

Electro mechanical games were very popular in the 1970s. Pong and its variations were simply the main choice of hardware for video games back then. So if you wanted some variety, this style of game - which came in all shapes and sizes, was your next best option. I am the proud owner of one of these, boxed too. I have owned it for many years and it still works fine after over 40 years of playing. The gameplay is simple and fun. You use the mini steering wheel to operate a car 'overlaid' onto the play area - avoiding other cars on the straight racetrack and when you hit one a very loud screeching sound blurts out. 

Rarity verdict - 65/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £25 - 50

Chosen by @theLostMarioBr1 

8. Mother 3 Game Boy Micro

128 Commodore Mother 3 Gameboy Micro

At the best of times Game Boy micros in good or great condition are becoming more difficult to find. With their sleek and slick look and feel they are highly sought after. Special editions of these even more so. The Mother 3 version comes complete with the game release istelf and a red branded Mother 3 box. The Game itself whilst highly regarded is not rare at all - mainly because of its success and popularity.

Rarity verdict - 80/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £350 - £600

Chosen by @128_commodore

9. Master System Girl

Erinplaysgames Master System Girl

Released exclusively in Brazil by Tec Toy the Master System Girl is becoming one of the rarest consoles of all time. This thing outstrips the Panasonic Q and NEO GEO by far!

In its very distinct pink colouring it looks more like a coloured Mega Jet than a typical Master System console. It does have a few cool and unusual features including the fact it is portable (without a screen - unlike the SEGA Nomad). Along with this it has a built in game. Only about 30,000+ units were sold so it is a very difficult item to find especially in certain regions.

Rarity verdict - 95/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £500 - £1000

Chosen by @erinplays_games 

10.  Aiwa MEGA CD GM 1 

 Aiwa Mega Cd Gm1 Retrofury1983

Save the best to last. An expression you often hear but for good reason. Every grail list or sought after item you want is different for everyone. For me on this list from the community this is the ONE.

Sure I have other favourites and even some of my own I am looking to either re-buy or own for the first time. But this special gem is really...Special.

Made in very limited numbers the Aiwa MEGA CD GM 1 is a crazy styled multi media centre. Released for the Japanese market in 1994 in very small quantities, it allowed you to play Mega CD games and even plug in 32X games - along with having a stereo radio and CD player all built in. Its blue styling has that really cool 90s feel to it too.

I would personally love to have this in my collection.

Rarity verdict - 99/100

Price Guide (boxed) - £2000 - £3000

Chosen by @Retrofury1983

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