A computer mouse filled with Drugs


Dark Reason This Mouse is Filled with Drugs | Nostalgia Nerd

When you think you've seen everything you really haven't. Especially when it comes to videos by Nostalgia Nerd!

Consider the fact that the tale here is one of a simple computer mouse - the design and idea of which you may have never seen before (or have wanted to!).

Here Peter (Nostalgia Nerd) takes and talks us through a plethora of mice (not mouses) that come in all shapes and sizes from brands that are familar and others that are more obscure. Talking of obscure - one is filled with drugs...

Watch it here:

 About the video and Nostalgia Nerd:

The humble computer mouse. It's an item we take for granted. We use it to navigate around our GUI. But there's an altogether darker use for the mouse, a use that may have slipped us by, but could have easily changed our lives for the worse (or better, depending on the outcome). In this video, Peter explores promotional novelty mice, and their effect on our lives.

Nostalgia Nerd... has an addiction to Nostalgia & things often categorised as "nerdy". He talks about software, hardware, games, toys, programs, magazines and other things from the 70s, 80s and 90s, sometimes with a liberal amount of dry humour. The channel's main focus is computer related items from the 80s & 90s.

Computer Mouse With Drugs

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