The price of retrogaming in 2022


When it comes to playing original physical games of a certain age in 2022 it takes a certain type of persion and particular approach to make it easy to come by and obtain. Basically you need patience and deep pockets for retro games and consoles / micro computers, retro handhelds and tabletop games!

Here we talk about the sticky subject of the price of retro games. And give our view and get yours...

We asked the community their views on the current state of buying retro games in 2022. And at the end we give our summary opinion. This is some of what you said

Some interesting pieces of feedback came through. The idea that some of the early adopters are 'quitting' and getting out of the hobby due to the rises in prices...

Also this!

also did the price pass the Beer Test even?!...

Even the idea that the collecting market is following other forms of collections:

The overall view is that the 'market' has really matured and moved on. Especially since we started really collecting in the late 90s / early 2000's

There is not just one thing driving the price either - because of certain other market conditions and the rise of the interest so it's a great many things. 

These factors have played a part:

- Grading. Like it or hate it graded games have become a thing. And drive the overall market

- Sealed games - more collectors are tuned in with this and even with the Switch people are buying sealed games simply to keep

- social media - this is a big one - showing off your collection is fun and not just a flex. There is a massive community out there and its great to share shelf and room setups, pick ups, event meets with trading halls etc etc

- ebay - retro games are now available the world over

- youtube - your favourite youtuber reviews or showcases a game - the demand and interest goes up and so does the price

- gaming culture. When i was into games in the late 70s even the early 80s it was very very niche. Now its a big part of modern pop culture and life generally. Gaming is a business and it drives alot of interest and in turn collectors

- the 'new' antiques - Gen X and younger want modern pop culture items to collect and display in their home than their parents and grandparents who steered towards more traditional antique collectables like furniture, coins etc.  

So our view is the prices will continue as will the rise of all these factors. However we will still be out there hunting for a bargain and keeping hold of our favourite retro games.

Whatever you do. Have fun and enjoy the whole experience!

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