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We were delighted to interview Sir Ian Livingstone ahead of this week's launch of Shadow of the Giants, as part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and the Fighting Fantasy book series.

We met and started at the beginning - where in the 1970s Ian got together with Steve Jackson and John Peake..

(in pic below -  (L) Sir Ian Livingstone / Chris - GamesYouLoved)

Ian Livingstone And Chris Hill Gamesyouloved

Watch the interview in full here...

The Ian Livingstone Interview Part 1
In this exclusive interview, Ian talks about his idea behind the his new book, Shadow of the Giants... (shown here)

Shadow Of The Giants Ian Livingstone

Then we begin an origins story of the days even before Games Workshop. How creative ideas like White Dwarf started from its early years in the 70s (77) to becoming a household name for gamers around the world...

White Dwarf No 1

The interview on our channel explains how Ian came to start the business in the early years with his two co-founders - building the business, working on Dungeons and Dragons to then further developments of many other great ideas and projects.

White Dwarf Cover

This part I interview precedes the part 2 interview (soon to be released) that continues Ian's story from Games Workshop to EIDOS and beyond.

His current book - the 71st in the Fighting Fantasy series has just been launched in September 2022. Shadow of the Giants (Ian here on its launch with Chris - at the University of West London in Ealing on 3rd Sept 22). The book is available from here:

Ian Livingstone And Chris Hill Gamesyouloved Shadow Of The Giants

Also Ian talked about his new up and coming book Dice Men which goes into massive deep detail about his time working with Steve Jackson at Games Workshop, how this evolved and the projects created such as Warhammer, Citadel Miniatures and White Dwarf to name but a few. Info on the book can be found here:


For Part II - the Tomb Raider / Eidos Years, Sumo Digital and more...Subscribe to GamesYouLoved here: to see Part 2 of this exciting new interview.

Below pic (Steve Jackson (L) and Ian Livingstone (R) - Founders of Games Workshop)

Steve Jackson And Ian Livngstone Games Workshop

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