Dressing up is not just for kids!

Cosplay, short for "costume play", is a very fast growing culture in which participants wear costumes that are made often by their own hands, to represent a favourite character from either TV, games, comic books, pop culture or movies. 

The most popular character to be taken on and worn in cosplay include names not just of next generation games, but from the retro games we love! There are no boundries in cosplay culture as men dress as female idols and also vice versa!  There now is a huge market in sexy cosplay with many females choosing to "cosplay" as the more appealing characters such as Lara Croft, Princess Zelda and Cammy White from Street Fighter 2

The internet is now used to help cosplayer's share their costume photos, help spread the word of events and competitions. Most gaming events such as Eurogamer, Play Expo and HyperJapan all include huge cosplay competitions with amazing prizes!

Most cosplayers create their own outfits, and in the creation of the outfits, much time is given to the detail and qualities, the skill of a cosplayer may be measured by how difficult the details of the outfit are and how well they have been made. Because of the difficulty of replicating some details and materials, cosplayer's often educate themselves in crafting specialties such as textiles and in facepainting, which all goes to creating a real charachter that they are trying to portray.

The USA has many famous cosplayers with Jessica Nigiri being if not the most popular, definatley the most recognised as she has not just the skills in creating costumes but also the looks, personality and ability infront of a camera to do her costumes justice. With over 200,000 followers on twitter and a million on facebook - she can bring a huge audience to gaming and comicbook events.

Cosplay at PlayExpo Manchester:
Cosplay 3

Cosplay 8

Cosplay 6

To see more of our Cosplay photography from our team click here or you can follow some of the popular cosplay twitter feeds below! 

Cosplay Nation
London Super Comicon
London MCM Expo
Hyper Japan

Cosplay and Gaming come together at London AnimeCon by GYL:

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