Bringing retro back to the modern day


NERG have brought the arcades of old back to the present iover the last few years starting in 2013. Over 50 video arcade machines and over 50 pinball machines will be available for you to play over a full weekend. Classics such as Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Galaxians, Star Wars, Battle Zone and Missile Command will all be set to free play for your enjoyment.  NERG is a brand new yearly event for the North East, bringing retro gaming back to the modern day.

Some of the best loved arcade and pinball machines from yester-year will be at your fingertips once more to bring those arcade memories flooding back. The hall is packed full of all the classic video game console's  you remember from your childhood too such as Sega's Master SystemNintendo's and even older microcomputer's such as ZX Spectrums and many more!  No longer a memory  but a reality once more.

There was also a range of Trader Spaces available so you can also buy or sell lots of your favourite retro goodies.  You will find stalls selling t-shirts, mugs, crafts, games and loads more!

The event takes place at Gateshead Stadium - in the North East of England. 

Phil Murphy - NERG Organiser Interview:
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Are you a budding cosplay fan? Enjoy making your own gaming, comicbook or superhero costumes then NERG is the place to be.

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