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Retro Games Collector is the brainchild of Ant Harper who has been gaming since the mid 70s.

The most important for me was the new gaming friends I made - and I had the honour of making some great new friends and for that reason alone, 2013 has got to be one of the best gaming years ever.
Ant Harper
His first experience of gaming was in arcades whilst on holiday and the first computer he owned was a Sinclair ZX81.

Ant is currently the curator of a large and varied retro collection of his own but specialises in Sinclair computers. He writes and runs the content here at RGC and also welcomes any guest writers that wish to contribute to the website.

Shelf Closeup Castlevania

Ant enjoys writing guest articles for other sites when asked. The website is a great source for articles and the many game collectors goodies on display.

You can see more of the World of Retro Games Collector and curator of RGC Ant with the links below:

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