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Bringing back the Arcade!

A night never to forget and to remember was experienced by the GYL team at RGP (Retro Games Party). 

Over the last 2 visits, GamesYouLoved have truly felt the experience of the 80s at RGP - which includes a wide array of arcades, console and pinballs - but also the true nostalgia of great days of the 70s and 80s.

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If you want to relive the dream of these days. help is at hand with RGP who provide the lucky people out there a fantastic combination of retro gaming with the ambience of an 80s arcade.

This is all balanced nicely with music, movies, 80s party food, great like-minded people and non-stop gaming with dediciated cabinets, a massive arrangement of consoles and pinball tables back to back.

 Retro Games Party- The Arcade Club

The brains behind the RGP brand (and it is a brand that is unique and stands out) is James Brindle who over the years has accumulated a great collection that is dedicated to the retro gaming cause. With a fantastic crew of like minded enthusiasts in the arcade, console and computer communities, the RGP team continue to lead where the 80s arcades left off.

Play Blackpool 2014 - Interview with James, Owner of Retro Games Party

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