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  • Capcom

  • FormatVideo
  • TypeShooter
  • SystemArcade

This is the battle of Midway, 1942, WWII.Taking off from an aircraft carrier, you're instantly thrown into an upward scrolling, top down mission..

'When all seems lost, hit the 'roll!', looping your plane in a 360'
Rob Joy

Pitting you against what seems like the entire Japanese airforce. From fighter's to bomber's and squadron's of red fighter wings, which when shot down give you power up's such as shot power and fighter escorts, providing you with an edge in the skies.

Bomber's take.. 'the whole 9 yards'.. to shoot down giving you varied score bonuses. However be warned, they're not goin' down without a fight, with tail gunners fending you off with a hail of bullet's which can leave ya' in a world o' hurt!

Of course being an ace pilot, you gotta have some moves... When all seems lost, hit the 'roll!', looping your plane in a 360. You only get to do this 3 times so loop wisely!!
The end of a stage sees you landing safely onto the deck of your carrier, only to be re-fueled... re-armed... and taking off for your next mission.

Hey, since when did Dogfightin' over the pacific in WWII become easy?
So be careful up there, you're on your own.

Review by Rob Joy

Arcade Game - 1942
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Retro Arcade machine playing 1942:
  • Capcom

  • FormatVideo
  • TypeShooter
  • SystemArcade

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