Cadillacs and Dinosaurs


Born in 1993

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  • Capcom

  • FormatVideo games
  • TypeBeat em up
  • SystemAracde

If you're unfamiliar with the comic book on which this game is based, the name alone is food for the imagination. Who cares how these two awesome things are related? They're bound to come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.  A name like that can’t possibly lead to anything bad. 

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs takes a popular and proven concept of already macho gameplay and gives it a huge injection of testosterone.

Capcom unleashed the machine in 1993 and featured the option of solo or up to 3 player co-op gameplay, choosing from four characters; Jack (balanced type), Hanna (skill type), Mustapha (speed type), and Mess (power type).

Side scrolling beat ‘em ups were a staple of the early 90s arcade and at first glance there wasn't too much to distinguish this from the others on the scene:
4 playable characters - check
Badly dressed baddies- check
A light and a powerful attack- check
A jump with flying attack - check
Destructible items revealing pickups - check
Velociraptors - che...wait… whut?
Guns, lots of guns- oooh, nice!

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The story, if it matters at all, involves a gang of shady dinosaur hunters agitating the wildlife in the nearby jungle and provoking them into attacking the inhabitants of the neighbouring city. The playable characters are attempting to bring their unique style of diplomacy to mediate the situation. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs takes a popular and proven concept of already macho gameplay and gives it a huge injection of testosterone. The cabinet didn't plug into the mains for its power, it required red meat and bourbon to be shovelled into it.

What could be more manly than a beefcake beating up other beefcakes..... Answer: a beefcake shooting other beefcakes with large caliber weapons. But what could be even more butch than that? A beefcake punching out and shooting dinosaurs too! We are talking Chuck Norris proportions of swag here. For arcade gratification, uppercutting a T-Rex must rank quite highly. Despite the efforts to control the the featured dinosaurs, they prove fickle and add to the chaos by attacking anyone within bite range.

Apart from the unique characters the beauty of the game is it’s simplicity. If you've played a beat ‘em up before you already know how to play this, you can pick it right up and start busting chops, but that doesn't mean it’ll feel stale. 

Body blows and bullets strike home with very satisfying thuds which translate the damage inflicted nicely. Your ever reliable fisticuffs are supported by an unusually generous supply of firearms and ammo for a game of this genre. The balance is ideal resulting in a great mix of gameplay. Getting your mitts on a weapon feels like an extended treat but doesn't quite last long enough to grow tedious or be taken for granted. There's also the variety of weapons to keep things interesting, magnum revolvers, Uzis and shotguns are all available if you smash the right object. 

The nods to the comic book source are well judged so as not to alienate the uninitiated and keep the fans grinning, but whatever the case the player is never in any doubt that we’re deep into comic book territory - and it's all the better for it.  Anyone not familiar with the graphic novels will simply be enjoying a first class beat ‘em up which stands perfectly well on its own merits. 

Review by @clammylizard

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Boss Hack

  • Capcom

  • FormatVideo games
  • TypeBeat em up
  • SystemAracde

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