Kung Fu master

  • Data East

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeFighting
  • SystemArcade

Kung Fu Master saw you taking on a horde of bad guys which harass you at any given chance. Scrolling beat em' up, that's the best way to label this bad boy, and it is.

A classic back in the day, which made an appearance in almost every arcade
Rob Joy

The first level, after hitting player 1, saw you you in a chinese temple, making your way to your opponent, who waits to throw you back from where you came, think you got it...? Sounds easy...? Well it would be if you didn't have gang's of guard's trying to get there first.

Throwing knives, which are avioded by ducking or jumping, they're not taking you lightly.Even more so when your grabbed and held so their mates can join in. Avoiding this is done by furiously shaking the joystick back and forth, which throws them off to oblivion below, but be quick, they'll stop at nothin.

Attack comes in the form kicking and punching from different stances, when ducked a sweep can easily take down an opponent while a knife whizzes past your head, flying kicks and rapid punching, you have been tought well, but watch your back as attacks from behind can leave you in trouble!

After reaching the master at the end of the level, and throwing down your opponent, if your good enough, sees you climbing the stairs to the next floor, which gets ever more difficult by increasing numbers of guards and master's with varying skills in the martial arts with one goal in mind. YOU!

A classic back in the day, which made an appearance in almost every arcade, this game holds it's own even now. So in the word's of Bruce Lee... Remember... "Board's.. don't fight back."
Review by Rob Joy

Arcade Game - Kung Fu Master
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A Real Kung-Fu Master
  • Data East

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeFighting
  • SystemArcade
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