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Born in 1993

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  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeBeat em' up
  • SystemArcade

At the time it came out nobody I knew even knew Mortal Kombat 2 was being developed - so can you imagine the suprise when I saw the cabinet stood in front of me for the first time.

I felt like a king!!
Andy Burton

I was gob smacked how much of an improvement they had made at first glance! 

I don't know if this went on in other places, but where I live in Grimsby, Cleethorpes being the seaside area of Grimsby - there was still a lot of people who had no idea of how to perform anyone's death moves and I don't think people were aware of the added additions of Fatalities.

But we had people who 'did' have the knowledge who improvised and made there own photocopied 'move' booklet, which we called cheat books even though it was just simply a moves book rather than a cheat book (these would sell for around £3 each lol).

Best arcade memory of mine of MK2 has got to be waiting for 30 mins+ to jump in on a game after others have lost, and at 13yrs old, taking on grown men and bringing them to there knees in MK2 and emptying their pockets as they can't stand to admit defeat to a kid! Credit after credit I still remained on the machine - playing winner stays on as crowds gather to watch me not just beat 20+ year old men - but perform finishing death moves like they've never seen before!!

I felt like the King - but the best part for me was to know that I didn't do it by a move book. All the moves that I knew back then including shang tsungs morphs, was all  memorised.

Review by - Andy Burton

Mortal Kombat 2 - Gameplay

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  • Midway

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeBeat em' up
  • SystemArcade

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