Mutant Night


Born in 1987

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  • UPL

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeRun & Gun
  • SystemArcade

First of all I’m going to get one thing off my chest before I even BEGIN this review. This game is HARD. As in INSANELY DIFFICULT, as in, it was coded, written and designed by a complete SADIST.

It ‘does’ have it’s charm and it has an unquestionably cute character of which you control.cheekycrissy

Released by UPL in 1987. (Don’t worry if you don’t know who they are. No one has. Apart from only a handful of releases this company has pretty much, flown under the radar) This game (In the best way I can describe it) is a Sci Fi – Shooter / Platformer.

It’s also very ‘out there’ in a most weird and wonderful kinda way, in terms of design. ‘MUTANT NIGHT’ has NEVER had a home computer / console release. (This was one of a rare handful of games out there that were ‘Arcade Only’ releases. ) UPL also released Atomic Robokid (Of which THIS game DID get a console / Computer release; on the Sega MegaDrive / Genesis, Atari ST , Amiga, TurboGrafix 16 & Commodore 64 respectively ) of which THIS game also has an influence.

But despite the difficulty that literally spikes after the first few levels. It ‘does’ have it’s charm and it has an unquestionably cute character of which you control. Not quite cute in the ‘Pikachu’ Sense, but ‘weirdly’ cute. You control a creature named ‘Mutron – Kun’ who has a large eye, from which bubbles can be shot. Yes, BUBBLES, (not lasers, or missiles, or ‘Streetfighter – esque’ fireballs) just bubbles.

To take on the many enemies that will jump, fly toward you or (Unpredictably) appear in front of you. The bubbles that you shoot are pretty much short ranged and not multi directional, (You shoot in the direction Mutron – Kun is facing. ) Mutron – Kun can jump, but if you keep tapping at the jump button you can create a ‘chain Jump’, which makes your character almost seem like he is ‘floating’ across the screen for only a short period of time.

This is a run & gun game, (Way before the term ‘run & gun’ was officially introduced) in which in some sections, you ‘really’ have to keep going if you want to make it on to the next stage, by way of a trapdoor at the end of each stage. There are Power ups & other pick ups that you can find in the shape of small ‘Pink’ pods which can be shot, releasing a coloured orb into the air, which can do the following; Make Mutron – Kun large & Invincible, (Again, for a limited time only) transform him into multiple creatures, or award extra points.

There are bonus stages, which you can use your ‘chain jump’ (Keep tapping jump) of which you can collect floating orbs to obtain extra points. You’ll notice the similarity in some aspects of ‘Mutant Nights’ gameplay feature, namely the bubble shooting, inspired by Taito’s ‘Bubble Bobble’ (Who actually appears on one stage in robot / mech form to assist you) Either way, you got to keep moving.

Though in later stages you may have to proceed with caution. This game is divided into various short levels, with fast past action, with a focus on memorization on later levels. There was a stage I played where you had to constantly hit the jump button to float, avoid the ground to make it to a safe spot AND avoid enemies and their many projectiles.

It is definitely one of those games that had that JUST ONE MORE GO feel to it. It is mostly a lot of fun and can ultimately be rewarding. But it is also one of those games in which you would have to have the patience of a ‘saint’ to play through, into the later levels. Todays young modern gamer would probably laugh at it. Until he tries it… This game is available on Emulation or an arcade near you.

Review by Cheeky Crissy 

On Twitter: @cheekycrissy

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Mutant Night (Arcade)

  • UPL

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeRun & Gun
  • SystemArcade

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