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Born in 1996

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Ninja masters features some of the most awesome gameplay i have seen. This game just never got the credit it deserved.

Every character in this game has their own type of fighting style.
Scott "NeoGeo Lord" Pattinson

Yeah it does have elements from other fighting games but in saying that if definetly has its own identity via its unique combo within combo fighting system. 

One other aspect which really pleases me about this game are the shadow moves when you pull of the extra combos and the fact that it adds so much depth to this awesome game! 

Every character in this game has their own type of fighting style from weapon style to hand based combat which you can actually switch in game when fighting your opponent,  and with this added feature you can gain different moves from one style to the next,  which is pretty unique for the 2d fighter genre. 

The Shadow moves remind me of killer instinct. Sasuke is your typical Ryu character with projectile, dragon punch and special kick moves. Tenho reminds me alot of Jubei from Fatal Fury 2 (another great game)!! You even have the awesome choice of Goemon! For fans of mystical ninja on the SNES you will absolutely adore this character as it does bring back great memories of that fantastic game! 

Other notable characters are Houoh, Karasu and Kamui. But this is another game that really doesnt have any weak characters and i feel the game is well balanced until you get to nobunaga! who really does tear you a new one!! 

My conclusion - Supreme fighting game with alot of new ideas that really do work out well and for me anyway this is a must have game for any neogeo owner 

Review by Scott "NeoGeo Lord" Pattinson

Ninja Masters-  Arcade Gameplay
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Ninja Masters-  Arcade Longplay

  • SNK

  • FormatArcade & Video Games
  • TypeFighting
  • SystemArcade
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