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Originally released in 1987, R-Type is almost as classic as it gets when it comes to arcade shooters.

I loved playing this, it was the reason I got a Master System!
David Robertson

Since its release, the game has seen many ports to nearly every platform from the Amiga all the way up to the XBOX 360!. Like most scrolling shooter arcade games it has a little story behind it, with the you piloting the space fighter to defend humanity from aliens!!!

R-Type has been loved and played by almost everyone who has had a console or been to a arcade, and the gameplay and level design are still considered by many to be among the best the genre has to offer.

If you’ve ever played the arcade version then you’ll know exactly how this game works and if you didn’t play the original, you will catch on quickly with its playability. Straight from the start you are thrown in at the deep end shooting aliens and frantically pressing the blue fire button!!  R-Type loves throwing tons of enemies at you throughout the entire level, but you need not worry as there are plenty of weapon add ons which you can pick up along the way which help you obliterate anything!!

R-Type is a classic 2D space shooter and what makes it different to other alien shooters is that R-Type takes a side on 2D view where as other shooters, took on a top-down view. Also I just loved going to the arcades and sneeking into one on the Glasgow Uni campus and not getting caught as you had to be 18!

I loved playing this at Ice Skating, it was the reason why I got a Master System and have every game released!

Review by David Robertson

R-Type Arcade Gameplay
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R-Type Sega Master System Commercial

  • Irem

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeShooter
  • SystemArcade

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